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  • Products & Services

    Products & Services

    Every day, Westlake products are seen, used and depended on throughout the world. We make and market approximately?40 billion pounds of petrochemical and fabricated products annually. Over the past three?decades we have built a reputation for being a dependable, safe, world-class producer and supplier.

    Westlake is an international corporation with the culture of an entrepreneurial firm. We are known for giving our clients personal, responsive service, on-time shipment and accurate billing and invoicing. We strive for excellence in customer service, consistently providing quick answers and resolutions – all to help our clients develop, manufacture and market their own products.

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    Westlake manufactures two primary petrochemicals within our Olefins business segment - ethylene and styrene monomer. Most of our ethylene production supplies our internal needs in our polyethylene and vinyls businesses.?

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    Westlake vinyl resin products are the key ingredients to making some of the world's most prevalent items, including residental siding, pipe and fittings for various water, sewer and industrial applications, PVC profiles for windows, doors, fence, and decking along with films for various inflatables, wallcovering, tapes and roofing applications.

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    As the world's most widley used polymer, polyethylene enables the innovative design and manufacture of countless products - from food packaging and carton liners to dry cleaning bags, impact modifiers, and tie-layer resins.?

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